Providing outstanding management services to developers and residents alike for thirty years

About us

Hazelvine was formed in 1986 by two brothers, who having moved to London and sharing a flat together were presented with their very first service charge budget. They challenged some of the cost headings, and were allowed to take over some of the services themselves, enabling them to reduce costs and offer better value for money.

What started as providing a few services to their own block grew into a business when residents from other local properties approached them and asked for their help. With backgrounds in Construction Management and accountancy, they believed they had the right knowledge base to offer a property management service.

Over the course of 30 years, the business has grown substantially, but the overriding principles the owners set themselves back then, of maintaining separate designated trust accounts for each property and always seeking value for money, remain just as strong today.

Hazelvine is now part of the Qdime Group of companies. The Group specialises in Residential Property, and comprises of three firms of managing agents; a maintenance division; a professional services company; and a firm of solicitors. As part of the group, Hazelvine is still able to offer a personal service, but with the added benefits that being part of a successful group brings.

“Our vision is to be the best at what we do and to be different in our approach.”

We are committed to establishing The Qdime Group of companies as an innovative, successful and profitable provider of support services to the private residential property sector.  We want to be known for delivering service that exceeds customer expectations, particularly in our communication, and for us to make a difference in developing our staff, customers and the communities in which we operate.

We are not motivated by the size of the group, for us it’s all about how we provide the best communication and service, how we obtain best value for money and how we excite customers by proactively managing their homes. To achieve this we focus on our people, managing and developing them and adding new expertise whenever needed so that we can exceed our customers’ expectations. We only have room in our business for staff who aspire to the same heights we demand of ourselves, those that share our vision enjoy a long and successful career with us.

We are innovative and pro-active, with a sprinkling of originality, and we listen to our clients’ needs, looking for those ‘attention to detail’ items that can enhance our service and add value.

Our strong service culture and ‘delivery philosophy’ puts people at the core of everything we do. We believe our personal approach is key to our success. Our culture is one of empowerment, ownership and honesty. We achieve this through supportive management, training and development combined with efficient operational systems and processes. Although you will usually have one primary point of contact, they will be supported by a talented team of specialists who are also at your disposal.

Property management requires close working relationships with our clients, and mutual respect; we have a common goal and it’s only by working together that you achieve results.

We want our clients to receive excellent service and to feel valued and important – because we recognise that you always have a choice.

In fulfilling our responsibilities, Hazelvine will endeavour to detail precisely what tasks need to be undertaken, by whom and in what timescale. In doing so, we will strive to:

medalExemplify straightforwardness

By placing an emphasis on

excellent communication with

both developers and residents,

using simple, unambiguous

everyday language.

medalEncourage transparency

By ensuring that reporting

structures are robust and

dynamic and that financial

matters always comply with the

highest professional standards.

medalTake pride

In every aspect of our service,

through to the smallest detail.

medalDisplay thoroughness and tenacity

To ensure that every issue is

resolved in the best interests of

clients and customers alike.

medalDemonstrate understanding

By providing a service which is

pertinent to the unique

demands of each development.

medalCommand trust

By displaying the highest levels

of professionalism at all times.

It is a common assumption that the property manager is the person who manages a development, and although they are of course an important element, they are just one part of a much bigger team; To provide the most professional and knowledgeable management service requires a team of people who are specialists in the various elements of the property management service. We see the manager’s role as the ‘communicator’ with residents, and the ‘co-ordinator’ of the services being provided, whether external or in-house.

Underlying the management service we offer is an experienced and well trained, multi-disciplined team of people, comprising of the following disciplines:-

Property Managers

Often the first port of contact for residents, our managers are trained in customer service, in addition to the building knowledge they need to be effective managers. Many are IRPM qualified already, but if not, we provide them with training through our in-house Qdime Academy and external courses.

Legal Advisors

Our in-house solicitors advise on all aspects of property management, from Landlord and Tenant Act to the RICS code of conduct. This is vital in an industry where the rules and regulations are constantly changing.

Our team can also provide assistance with selling your property by sending an information pack to your conveyancers through to post completion queries.

We also assist in progressing any debt recovery where required to ensure that funds are available for maintaining the property.


Complex building issues require people with detailed knowledge of construction, building regulations, and electrical and mechanical installations.

We employ qualified Chartered Surveyors who are available to advise and assist our managers when detailed or technical building issues arise.

Property Administrators

Some things you can plan for and some you can’t.  Our PM Administrators respond to all reactive maintenance issues, raise works orders and sign off the order once complete.  We have our own handymen and electricians who can respond quickly to these situations.

We have a separate team who deal with Planned Maintenance including lift inspections, emergency lighting tests, Risk assessments etc.  This frees up our PM’s and their administrators to concentrate on issues which arise each day.

Insurance Advisors

We have a dedicated team of insurance experts who manage our Block Policy wording through our London based brokers; an annual marketing exercise with insurers of repute; the collection of premiums and management of insurance claims.

We earn a rebate from the insurer for providing the staff who carry out that work in the normal course of our business.  We are very protective of our bespoke policy hence we carry out this work in-house to control claims and guard against major fluctuations in premiums from one year to the next.

Client Accounting

Working in client accounts requires a financial head and knowledge of service charge accounting. Our highly experienced accounts team, led by qualified accountants, ensure that customers receive their invoices in a timely manner and that contractors are paid correctly.

Reconciling the property bank accounts is a high priority to ensure that our clients’ money is safe at all times.

Debt Recovery

To ensure that maintenance obligations under leases and Transfers can be met, protecting our clients and volunteer resident RMC directors, it is essential that service charge contributions are received in a timely manner.

We have strict credit control procedures in place that transfer to our sister company Allsquare Legal Limited who specialise in debt recovery, and being solicitors tend to get a much quicker response.

Health & Safety

The penalties for not dealing properly with H&S issues are severe. It is unrealistic to assume all managers would possess detailed H&S knowledge. We employ in-house highly trained and skilled H&S experts, both to carry out regular H&S inspections, and to be a source of advice to managers when issues arise.

We believe you can only truly deliver the exemplary service that clients demand with the aid of technology. For this reason, we have invested in the award-winning Qube property management software. But that in itself is not sufficient. We also employ two highly experienced Qube experts, who enable us to extract the maximum functionality from the software through an on-going programme of development, and to provide both structured and ad hoc training to all staff who need it. This ensures that our staff are fully equipped to deal with queries efficiently, and to the highest standard.

“My Account”, is a portal which links real-time to our Qube software. It gives our customers access to view financial information relating to their home, and to their estate; to report faults and monitor how the resolution is progressing; to access information specific to their block; and to make payments online whenever it is convenient to them.

We use a Document Management system to electronically store our documents so that a letter is never lost in transit, and we can quickly retrieve documents. Our eventual aim is to move towards having a paperless office.