Investors, Landlords & Freeholders

If you’re an Investor, Landlord or Freeholder, we understand that the two most important issues to you are (a) having an agent you can trust to deal with all the day-to-day administration, so you don’t have to, and (b) generating the best return on your investment. As a consequence, we know we have to offer value for money, and with our investment in staff and technology, we can handle the administration of collecting rents and ground rents with ease, no matter what size the portfolio.

Being part of the Qdime Group, we can ensure the highest collection rates, as any arrears cases can be passed seamlessly to Allsquare Legal Limited solicitors to escalate as necessary. They can deal with the debt recovery process through issuing legal proceedings, right through to processing forfeiture proceedings, although rarely would matters need to proceed that far. This makes the whole collection process quicker and more effective.

We provide regular statements of amounts collected, and what is outstanding. Each statement is accompanied by a transfer of any monies we hold on your behalf, so providing a regular cash flow.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced. All demands are raised strictly in accordance with the lease/transfer documents, together with any relevant legal notices that are required.

If you would like to know more about our services, and how we work, please contact us.